Saturday, August 8, 2009

Business Outside Of Rap Music, Drake To Create and Star In New Tv Sitcom

Drake is currently developing his own sitcom with Canadian tv production company Nightingale. "Us and Them" is the chronicling of two friends during their attempts to make it in the entertainment business. The small screen is a comfortable work environment for the rap artist, who already has deep roots acting in tv programs. He has acted before, playing a star role on the popular teen show "Degrassi".

This just goes to show, that successful rap artists are looking to expand out into other business ventures, out side of the music industry. In other news, the rap artist has landed him self on the cover of FADER magazine, issue #63. This is an incredible boost of exposure for Drake, who gains an increase in popularity with each passing day, it seems. No doubt this is due to rigorous marketing efforts to keep this artists in the public eye, because he is perceived as what is "hot" right now in hip hop music.

Drake is also nominated for an MTV 2009 Video Music Award, which will be handed out in September. What do you think ? Is it just ridiculous how fast this artist has become so popular, or do you think there are more factors at play here ? Whatever the case, his plan is working for him so far. Leave your two cents whether you agree or disagree.

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