Friday, August 7, 2009

The Free Music Marketing Strategy - Young Joc Takes Advantage

It's going down ! Free digital downloads are taking over, move over mixtapes. Albums are being released for free to combat leaks and "illegal" dowloading as well as the massive decline in record sales. This is a great way for artists of any kind to provide their music to fans directly while seeking profits from other streams of music publishing income.

Young Joc's next studio album "Grind Flu" will be available to all music fans for free through his website, This is not a pioneering move by any means, as it has been proven to be effective by artists outside of the rap music business. Young Joc is hoping this will make his music fans happy enough to keep them interested in his music projects.

His last album, Hustlenomics, has established Joc as an artist who is making some serious moves in the music industry. Currently, Joc is riding a string of successful singles that includes collaborations with other successful artists like Slim of 112, Chris Brown and David Banner among many others. He also has signed new young talent to his independently owned record label, who are starting to make impacts on the Billboard charts as well as grow their own niche market.

What do you think, will this free music marketing strategy work for Young Joc ?Is this just a fad that some artists are trying in attempt to stop the bleeding of the dying days of record sales ? Record sales are already dead in my opinion, this strategy should be effective if Joc combines this with other marketing strategies which will earn more revenues through other products and mediums. Feel free to leave your thoughts in some comments below.


  1. Yung Joc is a very smart man...Internet marketing is thriving right now and making his album available online on his own website is genius

  2. Thanks for leaving your comments.

    I agree, Young Joc is a smart individual when it comes to marketing his own music. Dope beats by the way!

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