Thursday, July 9, 2009

HYPE THE HIP HOP BEEF - Music Marketing Strategies That Work

If you're a hip hop head like me, you just can't help but listen to the occasional diss track. From the "Real Roxanne" to the KRS and MC Shan battles, beef has been an element inside of hip hop that the fans have always been excited about watching unfold. In 1996, Tupac's "Hit 'Em Up" took diss tracks to a whole new and exciting level, which changed how diss tracks have evolved to become a competitive edge in music marketing. Thus, the "beef" factor began fueling a mass machine of hype manufacturing for hip hop artists, albums and record labels. However it's 2009 and in the words of the Notorious B.I.G., "Fuck that BEEF shit, that shit is played out".

Although now a days it seems that artists are having to exercise every possible option, pulling out all stops when it comes branding themselves and their music through rigorous and aggressive marketing and promotional efforts.

Take for example the current beef that has caught the music industry's attention, spreading like a bullshit virus through the hip hop music community. The Joe Budden-Method Man beef is being heavily debated by industry cats and avid rap music fans. Basically Joe said some shit about Meth, who is an established vet in the rap music business. Not so coincidentally, Method Man and Redman's highly anticipated Black Out 2 album was released just over a month ago. This little "beef" is keeping Method Man's name publicized in blogs, articles and magazine/ezines

Then on the other end, there is Buddens. Joe is heavily promoting the upcoming Slaughterhouse project that he and fellow super group artists are about to release. There is more then enough hype going into this release already, without Joe Budden having to stir up some shit. Still, it doesn't hurt to to get more publicity and attention.

Other artists in the music industry get involved, sometimes more diss tracks ensue and the fire continues to burn while the gasoline is poured on by both parties as well as fans.

Joe Budden hits up the Ed Lover Morning Radio Show

Meth's Response to Buddens on the Ed Lover Morning Radio Show

At this stage of the "beef", there's so much hype from what these two artists have been saying back and forth on records, in interviews and through lyrical jabs. Regardless, I think Mr. Meth definitely sums it up nicely with this quote:

"It's strictly shows, music, and my acting thing... and I feed my family off that."

Real talk. I got respect for both of these artists, although I obviously don't have to tell you which artist I favour. Either way, both of these artists have received a lot of extra attention by keeping this feud alive. While Buddens prepares for the Slaughterhouse push that will soon follow the album release, Meth stays in the public eye and BlackOut 2 gets more recognition.

What are some of your thoughts on this particular scenario ? Who do you think is right or completely balls wrong ? Does it even matter, I mean we know that they're out for our attention but we as music fans still debate, argue and speculate. Perhaps this music marketing technique is more effective than we even realize.

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