Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rap Legend Rakim Still Grinding, Sets Release Date of "Seventh Seal"

What should you expect when a legendary rap artist decides it's his turn to shine in 2009 ? Believe that he'll be paid in full ! Superstar rapper and hip hop icon Rakim has announced a date for the release of his highly anticipated album "The Seventh Seal".

Originally this album was going to be released years ago through the hip hop giant record label Aftermath, distributed through Inter scope. However, due to creative difference, Rakim left the label to pursue his creative visions for this album.

Rakim has stated that this new album is completely fresh with all new joints. None of the songs from his time at Aftermath have made it onto the album. Although the rap superstar never rules out working out with super producer Dr.Dre in the future. "No doubt, if the timing on the projects are right.".

Now, in 2009 the album is about to finally come to fruition. A joint venture between Rakim's own Ra Records label and Tuscan Villa Entertainment. "The Seven Seals" will be distributed through Fontana/Universal Music Group.

"Holy Are You" is the first single off of the album, which was scheduled to be released on July 28th. To no body's surprise the single leaked way before then. Peep the man, the icon is still on the grind and getting paid. Although the lyrical mastermind is more on the spiritual tip, his music still resonates with fans all over the hip hop world.

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