Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Major Labels Battle to Sign Rap Artist 'Drake', Relase of Fake Album Spawns Lawsuit

Canadian rap artist Drake has been gaining a lot of hype as well as major label attention recently. The emcee born out of Toronto, is affiliated with the likes of LiL Wayne's Young Money label. Drake's biggest tracks to date are "Best I Ever Had" and "Ransom feat. LiL Wayne" from his "So Far Gone" mix tape, which continues to keep Drake relevant until his album drops.

Currently, there is much talk of the "bidding war" between three major labels to sign the young emcee. Universal Motown and Atlantic Records both have expressed high interest, while Warner Music Group is rumoured to be making an offer as well. Still unsigned, though the hip hop artist has legal issues that he needs to work out, still.

It was recently discovered that Drake had an album up for sale on iTunes, Amazon, and Rhapsody. Unfortunately this was a fraudulent release that was not sanctioned by Drake or his current label (Young Money/Cash Money). The rap artist has decided to file suit against Canadian Money Entertainment, the creators of this fake album entitled "The Girls Love Drake". This was released in late May through the digital distribution network, the Independent Online Distribution Alliance (IODA).

Mean while Drake says he's happy where he's at running his label October's Very Own with Young Money/Cash Money. The rap artist is only interested in signing with the "right" major label that will help him realize the creative vision for the marketing of his music.

What do you think about Drake ? Talented or over-hyped ? Check him out on MySpace. Personally, before passing judgement I need to peep more Drake joints to see what the dude is really all about. I think he's alright though still, it's always good to see a Toronto boy make moves and get some attention.

Also peep this article from the Digital Music News, it was an interesting piece.


  1. I feel conflicted when it comes to Drake, as a Canadian i'm proud to see one of our own get the spotlight for once on a large scale. But i've listened to his music and i just don't feel it. There are more artist out there with more substance that deserve to be displayed on a larger stage. One name that comes to mind is Grafh out of Queens, the dude is sick.

  2. "grafh" is from queens. i think the focus should be more on who's got better talent outta canada, cause realistically, it's not like there's a shortage of dope rappers outta NY.. let's be serious..

    like j-zone said, in new york, there's more rappers than fans..


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