Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Album Review: "You Could Have It All" - TINY DANZA

Recently, the good people representing Toronto's own TINY DANZA had hit me up with a copy of their new album "You Could Have It All" for a review. Normally, I don't do many reviews as it takes a lot of time to sit down with an open mind and give an album the listening sessions that it deserves.

This time however, I decided to agree to the review and I'm definitely glad that I did. As follows is my review of TINY DANZA's new album "You Could Have It All":

Whatever your musical preference, "You Could Have It All" is a great listen. The collective of TINY DANZA's bluesy guitar chords, crisp and hard drums is mixed with an amazing blend of synth, soul and hip hop music. This musical melting pot makes for a classic album that can be played from start to finish.

TINY DANZA's unique sound also speaks volumes to the cultural and musical diversity currently boiling over in the city of Toronto.

There are many tracks on here that I consider to be favourites. Take for example the energy in "Beat Fly" which just makes me want to get up and do something! The funky vibes on the track "So Much Right Now" give it a great bounce, something I would definitely pump at a house party.

Hindsight by Tiny Danza

I totally relate to the lyrics in songs like "Hindsight" which is full of passion embedded in the vocals. With a great story weaved into the mix, the track takes listeners on a ride through a rocky history of a lost love. "Don't Stop" is also another dope joint on the album that I have to mention.

You could literally put this album on anywhere; cruising in the car, chilling at home with some chronic, or even the soundtrack of your next party. TINY DANZA's "You Could Have It All" is an amazing music experience that is well worth listening to from start to finish.

You should seriously cop this album. Pick up your copy of TINY DANZA's "You Could Have It All" album on iTunes right now!

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