Monday, June 15, 2009

Traditional Vs. Modern Adaptation of Hip Hop

What up every one ? Recently a friend and co-worker (What's Good Walker?) linked me to this interesting video, and it inspired this blog post. I've been a KRS-One fan since back when I first got into hip hop. Quite frankly I think that anyone who loves hip hop/rap music loves the history and roots it grew up on, KRS-One is someone who epitomizes the personification of hip hop (but that's just me).

I think KRS-One is synonymous with hop hop truth, so when he speaks I try to listen and learn from one of the best. Anyway, this clip is of KRS at the VH1 Hip Hop Honours from last year.

The legendary hip hop artist talks about traditional hip hop in perspective to how the digital music revolution has completely changed the landscape of the rap music business game. This video is great for hip hop entrepreneurs to learn from.

"The digital age is giving us more options. I do welcome innovation, no doubt." - KRS-One

I could actually disagree with some of the points that the rap veteran makes, but I have too much respect to do that (ha ha). Still, KRS always stimulates the mind and makes us think outside of the box when it comes to innovative hip hop.

Check out some of the other KRS-one videos up on YouTube. The man always comes to the table with some knowledge, he is the hip hop teacher. If you haven't already, go read one of my earliest posts which included a link to a video of the hip hop artist in an interview with author and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Also check out the STOP THE VIOLENCE movement.

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  1. Respect tha teacha! KRS is a legend and deserves it for being relevant to true hip hop fans for over 20 years now! Gonna be rappin from his wheelchair in the old folks home soon. Shout out to RT and my man Walker!

    C. Mudge


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