Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Eminem News

Here's something that I have been following up on, through (these guys are on top of there shit!)

Recently, Eminem has gotten even more publicity due to another lawsuit, only this one actually regards music business. FBT Productions (a former Publisher of Eminem's music) attempted to change the meaning of a term previously agreed upon with Interscope/Aftermath (of Universal Music Group). If successful, this would mean that FBT Productions would see an increase in their share of digital royalties earned from the music of Eminem's catalog of which they own the rights to.

Allow me to quote the excerpt from Digital Music News:

"Los Angeles jury decided that vehicles like downloads and ring-tones are best
treated like CD's, essentially established sales channels with agreed-upon
royalty payouts."

The jury's decision is not a surprise. Neither is the fact that FBT Productions sought to get more money by seeking clarification of a "loose term". What is interesting, however, is the fact that this has become an increasingly popular trend. More and more labels/production companies are seeking to clear up the contractual language used when they sign over an artist to a major label.

But I digress. The main point here is that Eminem is in the news again ! With still months away from the release of his upcoming album, I would expect that Slim Shady is going to get a shite load of publicity.

What do you think ? Does FBT Productions have a case or is it just another retarded attempt to snag more money from a deal that may have already been at the end of it's term.

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