Sunday, March 8, 2009

Eminem to "Relapse" Twice (this year!)

Eminem Set to Release Two Albums This Year !!!

After four long years, the lyrical mastermind Eminem has finally announced the new release date for his highly anticipated album "Relapse" which will be available on May 19th 2009 (unless it leaks before then). Slim Shady also stated he will follow up his "Relapse" with another album late into 2009, probably in the 4th quarter right before christmas which after all is the most customer-time of the year.

As usual, "Relapse" will be released from the monster Interscope/Shady/Aftermath imprint. It is expected that this album will do very well on the charts and in sales. I personally hope Ken Kaniff makes an appearance (lol). Also it would be nice to see a track featuring the late Proof of D12, along with the other members.

I am happy to hear that Em has hooked up with Dr.Dre for most of the tracks on this album. Marshall Mathers also mentioned that the album was set to be released earlier (like the 4th quarter of 2008), but once he and Dre were back to their old ways they had to continue rolling out those tracks from the studio, which meant the release of the album had to be postponed. The two have an amazing chemistry when it comes to creating songs together, which makes many think this new album will feature the very best that anyone has ever heard of Eminem.

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