Thursday, March 12, 2009

DMC To Host New Rap Reality Program on MTV

Legendary emcee Darryl "DMC" Daniels is in the process of creating a new reality tv show for MTV. The show reportedly will be geared towards young aspiring hip hop recording artists. Entitled "Kings of Rap", the competitive show will present a challenge which proves to correct the "broken" repititve way hip hop's thought patterns.

I think the idea is great ! On the "Kings of Rap" show, contestants will be challenged to create a songs that "do not glorify violence, degrade women, or include the use of profanity". Even though we all know it's easily possible, that still seems kind of hard to do ! Hip Hop to me represents self expression, and fuckin' right I love me the use of some good profanity haha. Although I still think this is an excellent concept for a show.

The program will be shot mostly in New York, considered a mecca of hip hip music. Darryl "DMC" Daniels made an excellent point, arguing that the culture [of hip hop] now embraces the negative ways that it originally protested and demanded be changed. "DMC" also added "There are so many talented young artists that are not being heard, or signed because they are not controversial enough, or they are too consciously positive."

I agree, it is more difficult for conscious or "positive" hip hop artists to break through, but I think thats mainly because most of the new artists are afraid to be positive. There are many positive, or spiritually uplifting emcee's, some of which were not always making positive music. KRS-One for example is a pioneer for using hip hop to stop the violence. Peep KRS-One's STOP THE VIOLENCE CAMPAIGN !!!!

Alex Jones (of is one of the only media personalities who have given this campaign exposure. This is a good interview to listen to !

The source for this information

What do you think about DMC staying relevant years after establishing himself as a hip hop legend ? What do you think about the movement by well known artists pushing for positive change in hip hop ?

Feel free to leave your ops, this blog is an open forum for questions. Comments are encouraged ;)

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