Monday, March 4, 2013

New Video: "World Premier" by ILL BILL + "The Grimy Awards" Full Stream

Last week I heard a free full stream of ILL BILL's newest album, "The Grimy Awards". I like ILL BILL most of the time, but with his passion for knowledge of information that I lack knowledge of, sometimes I can't relate to what he's saying. It happens a couple of times in this album, but overall there's a lot of really dope content. From deep tracks like "Canarsie High" and "When I Die", to raw lyrical tracks like "Paul Baloff", ILL BILL kept this album pretty diverse. A lot of dedications were expressed through this album, as if it were a speech he would give at the Grammys. But this ain't no sugarcoated pussy shit, so he twisted it into "The Grimy Awards" (had to add that in because I didn't know the meaning of the title until I bought the album and read the insert). But anyways. This track right here is a dedication to the producer of the song, legendary DJ Premier. You could probably figure that out by the sound of the beat if I hadn't told you that. This track's gotta classic hip-hop vibe and makes you feel like you've stepped into the past. Check it.

"The Grimy Awards" boasts features from Jedi Mind Tricks, Cormega, Lil' Fame and Q-Unique
If you would also like to listen to the full stream of this raw album...

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