Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Album: "Stars, Dreams & Elbow Grease" - Mike Check

The homey Mike Check, an independent artist based out of Brooklyn, New York, has just dropped his anticipated debut "Stars, Dreams & Elbow Grease". After I got a chance to listen to it all the way through, I got to appreciate the unique sound and catchy tracks that Mike Check brings to the table with his first official record release.

Having talent isn't enough these days, you also need a supreme work ethic. Over the years, we've promoted various songs from Mike Check, and every track has consistently shown his growth and improvement as an indie hip hop artist on the edge of breaking through to something bigger and better.

Download: "Stars, Dreams & Elbow Grease" - Mike Check

A brief message from Mike Check concerning this new project:

"This project represents a new breed of individuals. It embodies a different lifestyle than what we've been accustomed to hearing about. One that goes against the grain and challenges people to reach higher.  One adverse to those with a lack of substance.  My message: Shoot for the STARS, follow your DREAMS, and put in a little ELBOW GREASE."

Connect: @check1212

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