Friday, October 8, 2010

DJ Ames Presents G.R. King Louis' "Tha Bailout" UK Edition

DJ Ames hosts GR King Louis's latest mixtape project, “Tha Bailout,” UK Edition. On the Bailout UK Edition, GR King Louis flows with a confidence that will leave the audience clamoring for his upcoming LP “The Biorhythm.” The combination of eclectic lyrical content with immaculate production by Jon E Quest gives a unique presentation that blurs the line between being boisterous and confident.

The mixtape reflects GR King Louis' affluent lifestyle, while it is also a reflection of a man that is so complex, he could be labeled by many as a paradox. Although GR delivers his vocals with a swagger and confident manner that is his own, he writes on a multitude of different subject matters.

“Tha Bailout” is a lyrical sandbox for GR to promote his upcoming album “Biorhythm.” It includes subject matters that not only reflect his lavish lifestyle as a headlining act in major clubs, but also describes everyday struggles with building and keeping relationships, and overcoming the challenge of taking care of major responsibilities while involved in an industry that is filled with traps.

With introspective lyrics that are combined with Johnny Quest's immaculate production and head-bobbing beats labeled as “club bangers,” GR's promo to his upcoming album “Biorhythm” will give the fans a bailout in an industry that has been in a musical recession.


Track listing:

2.Hot Since the 80’s
3.Like This
4.I want it all
7.Rock out
8.Dub for me
9.Whats for breakfast
10.Come through
12.Call me
13.Xplat Music
14.Taking it back
16.Gucci Loui Fendi
17.The Conclusion

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