Friday, September 10, 2010

Glitch Grit and Micro Melodies from PROGRESSIVE FOrM

Yokohama, Japan - September 8th, 2010 – HearJapan is teaming up with glitch label PROGRESSIVE FOrM to bring Japan's finest micro music makers to the rest of the world.

PROGRESSIVE FOrM is a label that specializes in minimal, atmospheric glitch music. While that might make it sound cold and brooding, there is actually a lot of life in the work created by its impressive roster of artists. Their sounds are crafted with a level of detail that could only be described as love. Each nano-second long tick and crack is perfectly places and sculpted. Many songs unfold slowly over time, lulling you into a hyper-extened time frame that will cool you down and calm you down.

For those looking for a bit more variety in their electro experimentalism, the FORMA compilations offer up a wide ranging treasure trove of artists. They display just a bit more melody and organic sound-scapes than some of the more pure glitch-based artists while still managing to be suitably "out there."

Some of the PROGRESSIVE FOrM roster has already been released music overseas, but only as limited vinyl releases. So weather it's Yoshihiro Hanno's clinical micro-loops, Ametsub's kaleidoscopic, toy-like melodies or Aoki Takamasa's stark yet beautiful cover of Toad the Wet Sprocket's "Walk on the Ocean" (yes, with vocals!) you are sure to find a wonderful new world of sonic delights.

All MP3 albums will be available September 8th at the HearJapan Global Download Store.


Forma. 3.10


Aoki Takamasa

Nao Tokui

Shuta Hasunuma

Yoshihiro Hanno


Ryoichi Kurokawa

tree river
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