Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Old School Classic: "It's So Hard" - Big Pun Feat. Donnell Jones (Video)

Today we remember a classic, this is one of my favorite songs/videos from back in the day! First of all, Big Pun is a legend - dude had a serious style with his own latin flavor that just could not be fuxed with.

This video was filmed shortly after Pun's untimely passing and it features some of my favorite hip hop artists and producers of the time including: Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Xzibit, Nas & Raekwon.

It's actually just one of them feel good tunes I always have to throw on to lift up my mood. Plus, the video is fun to watch for the complete collection of all the other hip hop artists and groups featured in the video which I did not mention. This post is for all the readers, enjoy this one!

What do you think of this classic joint? Do you have any really good suggestions for the next old school classic post? Hit me up with your favorites and maybe it will be featured on the blog!

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