Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eminem's "Recovery" Reaches Number One, Aims To Reach Platinum Status

After a great first week in sales, Eminem's "Recovery" release is quickly approaching platinum status. Reports are coming in stating that the rap super star has sold over 750,000 copies through physical and digital record retailers.

At the current pace of record sales, Eminem is looking to break the one million records plateau and achieve platinum status with this new record. "Recovery" currently sits a top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts at number one. This is the sixth consecutive time that the rapper has reached number one with each new record release.

This is causing quite the buzz in the media, as very few hip hop artists are reaching platinum status these days. Somehow Slim Shady continues to sell millions of records, more so then any other rap recording artist including the likes of rap heavy weights Jay-Z and 50 cent.

In fact, the only other rapper who has come close to consecutive number one albums is rap artist DMX with five consecutive number one rap albums from 1998-to-2003.

Read more at Allhiphop and RapBasement.
I don't know about you, but I can't stop bumping this album! Have you copped it yet?

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