Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Free Whiskey Milkshakes Anyone? Creative Music Marketing By

What's the best way to be remembered by your fans?

Just ask these three MC's from Brooklyn, New York who discovered a great way to give back to their music fans and community, all while having some fun by doing so. utilizes creative marketing strategies to gather regional support and build music brand awareness online.

Adam Nelson, Mark Katz and Tim Sullivan-also known as Domer, Katz and DJ Smut Villain—are the creators of the website and events hosted by

Set inside the Bushwick Country Club (Brooklyn, New York) these three underground hip hop artists offer free BBQ food, booze (that's right, free booze!) and the tasty idea of "Maker’s Mark milkshakes". I don't know about you, but that sounds like my kind of party!

But what is the catch? I mean, free food, booze and whiskey milkshakes, what is it really going to cost me? Nothing, except some of my time and maybe my buzzed attention listening to some live hip hop music. That sounds like a pretty fair deal.

Sullivan, Katz and Nelson are all indie artists/producers that create and release many different types of music with each other. Over the last year they have organized many shows and put out numerous releases that feature other indie artist and DJ's from the New York area.

It all started with the fun idea of throwing a free ice cream party as a simple way to give back to music fans for attending live shows and supporting party performances. This idea quickly spawned something more special, and thus was established.

As the site continues to grow, so does the size of the parties' guest list. All summer long Brooklyn's own Bushwick Country Club will host these parties presented by Now, having acquired local/regional business support in the form of food-and-liqour sponsorships, these free parties are also a successful way for these artists to perform their music in front of full and happy fans.

FREE ICE CREAM PARTIES! Now that's one hell of a strategy. Free booze, BBQ and whisky milkshakes? All I have to do is check out some underground hip hop while I'm at it? *Pause*... And, when is the next one?!

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