Monday, February 22, 2010

Public Enemy Falls Almost $200,000 Short Of Fundraising Goal For New Record

On the last line of defense for, nearly going bankrupt, they were purchased by a German music business entrepreneur. Unfortunately that does not ensure the successful completion of the's pet music project, an all new album from iconic rap group Public Enemy.

The site, which is designed to help musicians and artists collect fundraising from their music fans to create the next album, was apparently the only option for Public Enemy, who have failed to reach the target of $250,000 to produce, manufacture and distribute their no-long-upcoming album.

Public Enemy raised approximately 1/5th of their goal, but with all respect the goal may be a little unrealistic. Especially for a group who started in the rap music business the better part of 25 years ago. Why are you asking your fans for a quarter of a milli, when you should have at least that, easy?

Looks like the veterans Chuck D and Flav are going to have to come up with a better strategy to get this album produced and released. Do you think this project will finally come out some day?

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