Sunday, March 28, 2010

The DJ! KRS-One & DJ Revolution Break Down DJ's Role in the Rap Music Business

This track is the perfect tribute to the mover's and shakers of hip hop. Forever keeping the club jumping and the parties popping, the DJ's can make or break an artist and/or a record label. In short, by serving the needs of the music fans, DJ's possess a real power in the music business that artists and labels can only cooperate with and never compete against.

I'm ashamed to say I came across this track only very recently, when in reality a hip hop head like me should have heard this long ago! Sometimes slept on, but never forgotten, the DJ's are still regarded as the most important "movers" of the rap music business.

I could sum it up, but this song already does a great job. KRS-One is still one of the most dangerous emcee's! His knowledge, creativity and hip hop spirit are unrivaled by few if any. Check this joint out right now!

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