Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hip Hop Producer Freematik Releases Album Made Entirely On iPhone

An independent/underground hip hop producer, going by the name Freematik has recently released an album which was created entirely on his iPhone. A local Bay Area rap & hip-hop producer, Freematik has produced many projects in music studios, however this is the first project of it's kind.

This original concept album breaks through creative ground in the future of modern rap music production. Tom Freeman, the indie hip hop producer and artist known as Freematik, had this to say about his newest creation:

"iMatik is a fresh DJ mixtape full of phat beats, DJ scratching, live synths and all types of crazy sounds, made using only an iPhone. Everything was made using apps available from the iTunes app store, such as Beatmaker, iDrum, Flare, Jasuto, etc.", the producer explains, continuing on to say, "The parts were programmed over the course of a few months, in places including hotels, motels, the beach, bars, and anywhere else you would bring a phone. While this initially started just as a way to have fun [creating] music on the road, it transformed into an awesome psychedelic hip hop and electronic music experience. Not my normal type of project but I really love it, maybe more than anything I've ever done. Plus it was crazy fun to make."

Check out the album at:

About Freematik
Freematik is a music producer who works mainly with underground rap artists in the Bay Area. His production skills can be heard on a number of mixtapes, as well as in bars and clubs around the Bay Area. This producer also does production for his own albums as well, which are available at


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