Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dave Kusek Invites You To Build Your Business With Music Power Network

Now a days, it can be hard to find your place in the world, especially in the music industry. Most people spend their lives "chasing the dream" and never have a clue of how, or even why they're trying to get there in the first place. I used to be one of those people, that is until I started college.

I graduated with a professional certificate in music business through the online extension of Berklee College of Music. During my time studying with the online music college, I learned a great deal of knowledge in such area's as: music business, music marketing and promotion, publishing, entrepreneurship and even scratched the surface of music and copyright law.

While I learned from many great professors (George Howard and Chris Stone to name a few), during my time in the program one very interesting man stood out above the rest (could it be the shirts?). Dave Kusek's passion and influence inspired me to get out here and take a shot at success as an entrepreneur in the music business.

Who is Dave Kusek?

Dave Kusek is vice president of Media at Berklee Music and author of the "Future of Music: A Manifesto for the Digital Music Revolution". Dave also co-developed one of the music industry's most significant technological advances, Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI). For more background on Dave, check out his Future of Music blog. So what's Dave Kusek doing these days? Well he just launched a new membership site with major benefits for indie artists, musicians and entrepreneurs alike.

Music Power Network

The Music Power Network is a perfect investment for any and all indie hip hop artists and producers looking to start a serious career in the music business. It combines essential music biz lessons, with business planning tools, video interviews with many notable professionals in the music industry, as well as access to numerous resources and a valuable network of other musician contacts and music industry professionals.

Most independent artists have a hard time raising the funds or finding time to invest in expanding their educational experiences. The great thing about the Music Power Network is it gives you access to all these tools and resources at an affordable price for a life time membership. You will always have access to the materials in your account, which makes it easier to learn exactly what you need to know at your own convenience.

Check out some of these video interviews!

Also, if you've never experienced the whole "online college thing", or perhaps doubt it's effectiveness as an educational medium, I would urge you to re-consider. My time at Berklee College of Music has helped me to create and work towards a vision for a successful music business enterprise.

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