Saturday, February 6, 2010

Indie Hip Hop From The Trenches - Devilz Speciez Continues To Carve His Own Niche

Devilz Speciez YouTube Channel

Devilz Speciez is the epitome of what it means to be an indie artist hustling hard to earn your own keep. Hailing from Markham, Ontario, the Armenian emcee is hands down a creative beast! What do I mean by that?

This is an artist that does everything, and I mean everything, independently. It all starts from inside the home studio, where long hours are spent writing and recording new tracks, and rehearsing material for an electric live show.

Possessing a mean freestyle ability, mixed with the power to express himself through clever and thought provoking lyrics, Devilz Speciez is a breed all his own. This young artist is equipped with the talent and passion to carry out some real damage in the music business.

Utilizing creative video skills, Devilz Speciez also markets his music strategically through the use of his own YouTube channel. It features of multitude of hilarious skits, recorded live-performances plus out takes, as well as independently produced music videos.

Spanning more genres than rap/hip hop, the artist is not afraid to experiment with his music. Having become extremely active as a recording/performing artist, Devilz Speciez is also involved in many other music groups and projects. Among these are the group Axis of Equal, and the band "Sadanhos" which is a creative fusion of rock and hip hop.
Some examples of dude's diverse abilities...

Episode of a Devilz Speciez's original "Simon The Entrepreneur"...

On the music business front, this dude grinds harder then most indie emcee's out. You can find his music profiles scattered all across the web on many different webpages and music sites. Not only does this recording artist earn income from creating, distributing and performing his own music, but he also provides an array of services that other indie artists can actually afford.

These services include designing custom MySpace layouts, banners (animated option available), logos, tattoo designs, CD cover + booklet, flyers, studio & wall canvas', photographs and options for photo editing (Jesus H. Chris!). It's absolutely remarkable for one artist to possess multiple skills, not to mention all of these talents.

(Personal Experiences)
Originally, the Devil and I networked on a hip hop forum. From there, we would communicate through MSN messenger service and eventually met several times for recording sessions which turned into some solid tracks.

Our conversations would include rhyming cyphers as well as conceptual brain storms for more tracks, mixtapes and/or record label ideas. Dude is so humble that it makes working with him easy, which makes for productive sessions. We quickly grew to mutually respect and enjoy working with one another, writing and recording lyrics individually in our own make-shift home studios.

Numerous collaborations were released between the two of us and Speciez also hooked me up with my first live gig. But while I've slowly fallen off in the music making department in the pursuit of other music business ventures, Devilz Speciez has not only picked up the slack but is thriving creatively.

This artist is one of my biggest influences, especially when it comes to this blog. I encourage all of you to go check out his music in the links above. The Devil's Myspace page is filled with cool original drawings and designs. Stop stalling and go now!

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