Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lil Wayne's Beast-Like Grind In The Rap Music Business Is Rivavled By Few

Yea, it's true.
Lil Wayne is definitely one of the hardest working individuals in the rap music business, joining the ranks of such artists as T.I., Jay-Z, Eminem, among many other's who deserve more credit than this blog could even give.

Whether or not you like the music that is released by Lil Wayne and the Cash Money/Young Money empire, you have to respect the hustle and drive behind this record company and it's roster of talented artists.

Last weekend, in a span of 48 hours the rap artist recorded footage for 9 different music videos in which he is featured. That's two days worth of video production and filming, for nine different projects. Such a tedious amount of work, this would require an incredible amount of patience and focus for any rap artist to accomplish.

Not surprisingly it is Mr. Carter who pulls off this stunt, similar to that of the strategy which hip hop mogul T.I. used before serving a jail sentence. Lil Wayne is also about to serve time, which is sure to increase exposure in the publicity department, only adding to the hype surrounding this rapper.

Wayne is found every where these days and its no surprise that his work ethic has developed to an almost super human type pace. Unfortunately, the rap superstar is being forced to take time for re-assessing personal and business goals.

Love this old track, keep killing 'em Wayne, get that money!

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