Sunday, January 31, 2010

R.I.P. Point Game - Mourning The Loss of a Talented Young Hip Hop Artist

*R.I.P. Brandon Burris aka Point Game*

Most of us don't even realize the connections we make with each other through the internet. Whether it's socially, through private messages and talking to others in chat rooms or on forums and message boards, or people who take a linking to your personality which shines through the messages in your work (i.e., your music, bog posts, etc.).

For me personally, finding an artist with music that I can believe in is always a wonderful experience. On there are many young, creative and talented hip hop heads who are worth second looks as they bring something fresh that can be felt.

One of those dudes that I looked up to and admire is Brandon Burris, aka Point Game. PG was a rap artist with raw and intelligent lyrics, a contagious charisma and an infectious persona which made you want to rock with him. Years ago I came across and picked up his mixtape "The Game Gets Deeper" and to this day I still bump some of the tracks from it.

Over the years, Point Game has embodied what a creative young man can do with his own music. PG did some damage boy, let me tell you! His music has been heard by millions, having been featured the soundtracks of many popular video games such as; Midway's: NBA Ballers and NBA Ballers Phenom Edition (for the PS2/PS3/XBOX 360 platforms). He also put out his own album "HipHopCrisy", which is absolutely a dope piece for any indie hip hop artist! Check out Point Game's music on Myspace and Soundclick.

This blog was basically created for reporting on the hard hustle of aspiring hip hop artists just like Point Game, who do their "own thing" in the music business by making music that fans can enjoy and relate to. Today I (and many others) mourn the loss of someone who I did not know personally, but respected very highly. Through his music I felt I had a connection to this person, and I am sad to see him taken from the rest of the world at such a young age. You will be missed PG!


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