Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Indie Rap Music - "Jealous Type" - Akshan Produced By Arsonal

This track was sent to me by Rich Young (, good lookin' out Rich!

Check out this debut single from Akshan called "Jealous Type" Produced by Arsonal.

This track grew on me quickly, so I wont be surprised when I hear this in a club on some night in the future. It's got a smooth pop sound to it, and it's a dj favorite. Peep this tune, it's definitely worth taking a listen to.
Check out for more tracks by Akshan. Also, you can follow Ashkan on Twitter @AshkanMusic

As usual, send me an e-mail requesting your music be featured in this blog and I will definitely check it out. If I'm feeling your music or your music business hustle I will make a post featuring your rap artist/hip hop music.

What do you think about this artist? You feeling the track? Hit us up with some comments and opinions. Leave your piece!

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