Friday, January 22, 2010

Narrowing Your Focus & Achieving Your Music Business Goals

As we enter the last week, of the first month, of the new year (it makes sense)... I look back to see if I've made any progress towards my over all goals. Resolutions can easily be forgotten or flat out ignored if we do not carry out enough discipline to stick with it.

The key to staying productive is staying interested, passionate and re-inventing new ways of accomplishing your target goals. As a rap artist-entrepreneur trying to succeed, it is important for me to focus on my strategies. Solid, fool-proof strategies means having a purpose for each of and every one of my goals.

Having a purpose for each and every action that you take is the most important element for good focus. This is based directly on values. What do you really want from your music business venture? Is it more free time to create more music, or do you want to spread a message to as many fans as possible through your music?

Whatever the case, your values will dictate the purpose behind each strategy that you implement as an independent artist. By identifying your values, you will be able to narrow your focus and put your self in a better position to succeed.

Narrow your focus and you will make it easier to identify with the key experiences that connect you and your ideal music fans. This will help you market and promote your own music more effectively.

Life is all about experiences, which we value and learn from. While serious tones are often appropriate, sometimes you have to step back and have some fun. After all, if you're enjoying your self working in the rap music business, then really, wtf are you doing?

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