Sunday, January 24, 2010

Book Review - Getting Signed! An Insider's Guide To The Record Industry (G. Howard)

During my time studying through the online extension school Berklee College of Music, I was (obviously) required to read books, all of which were loaded with information that has been useful for me along the way of my career in the music business.

One of these books is titled "Getting Signed! An Insiders Guide To The Record Industry" by George Howard. George is an accredited professor at Berklee, among many of his numerous jobs and ventures. I learned loads of stuff from Mr. Howard, but I thought I would share this review of his book with all of you whom may be interested in picking up a copy.

What I loved about this book:

When I first started studying the ins and outs of the music business, the case studies presented in this book were great examples based on stories featuring bands, musicians and labels that I actually knew of and even enjoyed.

The structure of this book made is great if you're looking to catch the attention of A&R executives at major and/or indie record labels. It outlines all the key players involved in providing an artist/band with the opportunity to construct the best possible record deal.

Overall this book is well written, in a manner which makes the information easy to digest. This helped me pick up the material quite easily, hence why I am creating this post.

Also, if you are serious about taking your career as an artist in the music business to the next level, check out for some online courses. Try out the "Getting Inside The Recording Industry" course, which is taught by George Howard. I'm sure it will give you a great foundation to get started on your music business path. Many other courses are available as well.

Have you taken any online course in the music business? Would you, as an indie hip hop artist and/or producer be interested in taking an affordable courses online to grow your knowledge in the rap music business? Please share your thoughts.

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