Monday, January 4, 2010

Are You Following ? Trading Rap Music For Tweets Is The New Trend!

The new trend in the industry is definitely trading for tweets! It is truely amazing how fast this practice is spreading and becoming a very popular marketing strategy for musicians and recording artists of all genres.

You've probably already seen or experienced this in action, maybe someone you are following has asked you to re-tweet their latest promotion (i.e., latest mixtape or album release) in exchange for a free digital copy ?

Social media is the ultimate way for recording artists in the rap music business to capitalize on simple techniques to create awareness. This can be done easily by providing your music fans with some type of incentives to follow you and receive your updates.

Even mainstream bands such as Pearl Jam, are offering free music for users to re-tweet their posts (Source: Digital Music News). A very popular band, they have quickly utilized this strategy for their own benefits as well, gathering quite the loyal following.

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