Friday, December 11, 2009

Neilsen SoundScan Reports Eminem Highest Selling Rap Artist Of The Decade

Recently I read a report on digital music which stated that Sound Scan has named rap superstar Eminem as the highest selling rap artist of the passed decade.

The level of success attained by Eminem over the years is rivaled by none, the rapper continues to set the bar in many aspects of the rap music business. Tens of millions of record sold, reaching diamond status on more then one occasion.

Most of Slim Shady's albums have gone on to become hip hop classics. Debuting with the "Slim Shady LP" brought national attention to the rap artist's direction. Then the "Marshall Mathers LP" changed everything, stirring up controversy in many circles, putting the rapper in a defensive position. And still, his work in music did not suffer.

"The Eminem Show" brought a more mature tone, with even more lyrical creativity. As the artist continues to make music, he also raises the level of competition out there in the hip hop game, especially in the art of lyrics and live performance.

Here is a bonus track from Relapse: Refill. I'm definitely feeling this joint... "Elevator".

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