Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Beat Makers", An Indie Film On Hip Hop Producers In The Music Business

Reel One Entertainment presents "Beat Makers", an independent documentary on how hip hop producers are striving to come up in the music business. Executive produced by Eddie Singleton and Martin Kelley, this film is an in depth look at how the next generation of hip hop producers are using whatever they have and can get their hands on to develop the sounds of the future.

Directed by Laron Austin, this film completely captures the essence of hungry producers trying to come up in the competitive world of hip hop music production. Broken down into chapters, the documentary touches ground on what it takes for these producers to ultimately find their own level of success in the music business.

Chronicling their starts, struggles and successes, "Beat Makers" includes interviews with producers who have spent years creating their own unique twists on producing rap beats. Posing an array of questions, these interviews take place in familiar settings, such as home studios, vinyl record stores, and even street corners.

The producers involved with the film answer such questions as how they manifest inspiration, where they draw from creative influences, and how they dig to find samples. Producers also share their choice of equipment and software programs used to create their hot beats.

If you are considering a career in hip hop music production, this documentary may be all the inspiration that you need to go forward. I personally took the time to watch this film and was pleasantly surprised with how well it was produced. Being an emcee, having avid enthusiasm for good beats and great music, this documentary definitely struck a chord with me. I suggest you check it out if this is a facet of the rap music business that also fascinates you.

The whole documentary can be viewed on Youtube here...

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Inspired by the documentary, the production team behind "Beat Makers" is currently working on their next project entitled "Battle". This new movie is about a hip hop producer looking to start his career in hip hop production by winning a national beat battle competition. With a movie trailer and mixtape on the way, this new movie sounds quite promising.


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