Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rockin' The Bells, Slaughter House Drops, Joe Budden Gets Punched and The Hype Continues

Joe Budden was doing a whole lot of talking to hype up the new Slaughter House album, and it came back to punch him in the eye. Although, he's staying in the eye of hip hop media. Is it worth it ?

This "beef", whether manufactured or completely spontaneous is getting to be a bit ridiculous, so ridiculous that I almost have to believe this is manufactured hype - its almost scripted. I love a little lyrical or entertaining beef, but I hate a lot of bull shit. I'm sure most music fans would agree, this shit seems straight up scripted.

It all started with a list of names in hip hop, put out by VIBE magazine. One artist (Budden) had to broadcast his opinions online, until one name was targeted with his words specifically (Method Man). Since then this situation has just exploded. Peep my original post on this regarding Joe Budden and Method Man, and all the hype that was created surrounding these two artists, as well as all the artists that have followed, in one way or another becoming involved. It's just like one big ball or rap music marketing shit. But is it working ?

Joe Budden, who perhaps should have stayed focused on other effective marketing strategies, ended up getting punched in the face. This all happened, backstage, during the Rock The Bells International Hip Hop Festival where the artist was approached by rapper Raekwon accompanied by a group of friends. Some of the incident was even recorded by rap recording artist Mickey Factz during a live video broadcast online.

Due to the involvement of police and multiple artist entourages, this story has received a lot of attention and publicity for many of the rappers involved. It just so happens that Joe Budden is a member of the hip hop group Slaughter House, who just released their debut self-titled album today, August 11th. Is it really a coincidence that this incident, and all the hype that surrounds it, took place just days before this album dropped ? I don't think so. Joe Budden, having his name being constantly mentioned in blogs (such as this one) as well as hip hop news and forum sites.

Matter of fact, Raekwon him self has also received extra publicity from this situation, which all adds up for the rap artist who is set to release the follow up to his acclaimed album, "Only Built For Cuban Linx 2". A representative for Raekwon clarified that the rap artist had made no official statements regarding the incident, yet there is still much "shit talk" from both the Joe Budden and Raekwon camps.

One album just dropped (Slaughter House), one on the way (Only Built For Cuban Linx 2), this keeps these album releases fresh in the minds of fans who are paying attention to this fued How effective will this ultimately be ? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain, if the music is great the artists will have succeeded in satisfying the fans.

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