Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Rapper Goes Indie, Hell Rell Starts His Own Record Label

It seems to be the current trend. Start your own label, put out your own records. At this point it is almost cliche, but still it is remarkable how many hip hop artists have caught on, starting with their own label only seeking distribution from a major, and not the traditional royalty-screw job.

The newest rapper to acquire a taste for the "indie" is Hell Rell, a former member of the New York based group the Diplomats, which has long since disbanded. Hell Rell has now created his own imprint, Money Maker Entertainment.

Major label EMI Recordings will distribute "Live From Hell" the up coming solo album from Hell Rell, which will be released on October 6th, according to the rapper's own words straight from his Twitter page. Hell Rell is currently in music marketing mode, as the rap artist has begun a series of web episodes featuring him self inside the studio working on tracks.

It is going to take much more however, for this artist to make a successful campaign. Creative thinking and innovative marketing strategies are needed, however the most important necessity for the rapper is great music if he aims for a spot anywhere near the top 10. What else do you think Hell Rell could do to get more exposure and draw more of a following ?

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