Monday, August 5, 2013

New Video: "The Return" (Asian Tour Promo) - FAMOUS

If you wan't to talk about grinding in the rap music business, you can't even start the conversation without bringing up FAMOUS. This dude eats, sleeps, and shit's hard work and constant development.

Here's what's good with the homie FAMOUS:

#SWAOW (cue the music 'I'm Famous Now')

So a few months ago I returned from my first ever Asian tour alongside the homie D.O. I did exactly what God had prepared me for and made sure my impact was felt amongst every single person I came in contact with. From the fans who didn't know a word of English but wanted a picture with the cool looking black guy, to the CEO's who charged $60 per glass of Henney on the company tab. Everybody left remembering one thing: FAMOUS

The journey started in MONTREAL, it moved to TORONTO, took time out in ATLANTA, got comfortable in NEW YORK and now I'll be spending some time in ASIA (remember this)!

Tour starts in Kaohsiung, Taiwan August 30th. Internationally Known - World Famous.

谢谢 - xie4xie - Thank you.

Macau - Hong Kong - China - Korea - Taiwan - Thailand - Japan - Vietnam - Philippines - Jarkata

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