Monday, June 17, 2013

New Album: "7 Days" - Calcei

You've got to give it up for the DJ's! Check out this conceptual album entitled "7 Days" from Detroit emcee Calcei. All the details below.

Press release:

"7 Days" is Detroit emcee Calcei’s fourth release following "Laces in Tongues Out" (2010), "Factotum" (2012) and "Short Songs" (February 2013). This conceptual album is a continuous- play narrative chronicling the artist’s thoughts, musings and interests over one week.  The project is entirely produced by Detroit beat maker Three-O, who also collaborated with Calcei on "Factotum" and "Short Songs". Detroit producer Jay Norm mixed and mastered "7 Days", as well as Calcei’s other albums.

The cuts and scratches are provided by pioneering Detroit D.J. and producer, D.J. Los. Los scratches on all the tracks and supplies his own brand of storytelling with his turn tables. This project is also an ode to the D.J. and to the days when THE D.J. was the headliner and the emcee was HIS hype man. PEACE.

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