Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Video: "Free My Mind" - Mic Crenshaw featuring Ray Fraizer (Produced by Elwood)

I am definitely feeling this new video from Mic Crenshaw, this joint is dope! Rockin' sample with some cool lyrics and some good quality visuals to support the whole concept of the track. Mic Crenshaw just scored him self a "new favourites" tag here at F.O.R.M.. What do you think about this new video?
Press Release: 
"This is Mic Crenshaw's ode to getting into the wind and just letting go. Growing up in Chicago and Minneapolis, Black Bikers were a part of the sub-cultural landscape and Mic's own family. Settling in the Pacific Northwest and becoming a rider himself, this video captures the feel of the open road in one of the most picturesque places to ride. Two wheels down; a rock jam with Hip-Hop sensibility.

Mic Crenshaw is currently recording music for his third solo-LP and he is also working on an upcoming Rock/Rap EP entitled “Bionic Metal” which will be released this summer."

Links: | @MicCrenshaw

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