Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Album: "Amicable Antagonism (The Perpetual Balance)" - Speciez

The homey Devilz Speciez, an incredibly talented and driven individual out of Markham, Ontario has just released his newest album "Amicable Antagonism (The Perpetual Balance)". Having spent the last two years perfecting this project with pain staking efforts, Speciez chronicles his life's struggles into this 18-track album with his unique sound. Magnified by wicked vocal harmonies and deep introspective lyrics, Speciez's persona and character shine through on his best musical work to date.

The album "Amicable Antagonism (The Perpetual Balance)" is not your typical hip hop album. I can guarantee that you have never heard anything like this before, and it definitely demands your attention. There ain't a whole lot much else to say really. Basically if you support real hip hop music, or hard working artists who put messages into their music, then you owe it to your self to buy this album.

Purchase your copy on Big Cartel or Bandcamp now.

Track list for Devilz Speciez new album "Amicable Antagonism (The Perpetual Balance)":

1. "Behind The Curtain" (Produced By: Profound)
2. "End Of Days" (Produced By: Think & Profound)
3. "Amicable.Antagonism" (Produced By: Eddie Glock)
4. "Delusive Revolution" (Produced By: Profound)
5. "Rather Pocket None" (Produced By: Krutty Ranks)
6. "Sacrifice" (Produced By: Mikey Bingo)
7. "Yo!" (Produced By: Krutty Ranks / Guitar: Vartevar Sarkissian)
8. "Look-IN/OUT" ft. Unknown Mizery & Kryptic (Prod By: Profound)
9. "Deaf’amation" ft. Jessica Gucciardi (Produced By: Mikey Bingo)
10  "Zero To Zero" ft. Mikey Bingo (Produced By: RayneDrop)
11. "Thought Crimes" – AKT3 (Produced By: Mikey Bingo)
12. "Suit&Noose" ft. Iconoclast (Produced By: MindTwist)
13. "Colossus" (Produced By: Think)
14. "Afraid To Die?" (Produced By: Dope Antelope)
15. "Falsifier" (Produced By: Krutty Ranks)
16. "Take Flight" (Produced By: Mikey Bingo)
17. "Let It All Go" (Produced By: Mikey Bingo)
18. "Last Words" (Produced By: Mikey Bingo)

Links: YouTube | Soundcloud | Facebook | Facebook Music | @SpeciezMusic

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