Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Video: "Genesis of the Omega" - Sean Price

Ok, so this video isn't all that new. I was on vacation and forgot to post this up for promotion before I left. Straight up though, Sean Price's "M.I.C. Tyson" album is so dope and under-rated. Which is why every single video or audio single from the record is going to get promoted through here. We support real hip hop.

"Genesis of the Omega" is one of the many sick tracks on the album, and P! delivers the visuals to accompany this single. Serious still, if you haven't picked up your own copy of Sean Price's "M.I.C. Tyson" album, then fuck outta here, cuz this blog ain't for you son.

Sean Price's "M.I.C. Tyson" album is available now on iTunes through Duck Down Music Inc.


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