Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Video: "Cold" - Raz Simone

Coming off the success of his recent collab EP "5 Good Reasons" with Sam Lachow, Raz Simone presents his latest solo-single "Cold". This is the first single & video off his debut project, 'Solomon Samuel Simone', which will also be released alongside another EP, 'Cognitive Dissonance'

His first EP, ‘Cognitive Dissonance,’ is a project that takes you deep inside the mind of Raz, at some of his darkest points. It is different in the sense of the passion & frustration that comes with the cognitive response of two conflicting ideas.

The second project, ‘Solomon Samuel Simone’ is softer, melodic and a more relaxed EP. This is where he is clearly more at ease and able to think a bit clearer. The heavy use of saxophone compliments his bluesy, deep voice and lyrical content, while at the same time representing his inner child, purposefully alluding to the fact that the saxophone was the first instrument he learned to play as a child. An official release date for the project will be announced within the upcoming weeks. 

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