Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Video: "Lindsay Lohan Part 1" - Bobby Capri

Having spent his recent years in Virginia, the studio stalwart cliqued with a number of producers in the area and began producing content at a staggering rate. Bobby Capri’s catalog highlights include "The Blur 1 & 2", "Ray Bans & Cardigans", "The 27 Club" and the forthcoming "Instant Gratification".

"The 27 Club" won many new fans for Bobby Capri, as the 27-track CD was inspired by the litany of celebrity deaths that happen at 27. Fleshed-out concepts like this prove that Bobby researches his witticisms and lyrics. “Before I lay my vocals, my lines are fact-checked and Googled” he notes.
In the years that followed, Bobby Capri channeled his energies into music and no matter the challenging circumstances he was facing at home, he injected humor and humility into his every-man themes, accented with skillful wordplay.

“I pulled from childhood. My stories are real, and its little observations, but I try to put humor on it. I’m not as super deep as a Macklemore or a Kendrick Lamar, but it’s just slick-ass lines.” Easy to relate to, Bobby Capri built an audience slowly, and he never shied away from an opportunity to perform.

With the recent viral success of “Rent’s Due” (now nearing seven-figures on YouTube) Bobby Capri admits that his philosophy is to give music to the fans in order too build a long-term relationship. “I love givin’ it away. The music speaks for itself, as people respect talent. How many times will somebody at a gas station try to sell you a CD for $5. If they can’t sell it, you never hear it, and what good does that do?”

Today, Virginia native Bobby Capri releases the visual to his popular "Lindsay Lohan" record taken from his upcoming EP "Instant Gratification".  The video is directed by Mike Lambert and the track is produced by DJ Stylez and co-produced by Octavius "Doc-Ock" Crouch. 

"Instant Gratification" continues Bobby Capri’s focus on theme. “I’m big on enjoying every moment you get. The future is imaginary; tomorrow doesn’t exist. The whole concept is to do what makes you happy, every day life provides enough obstacles for us and sometimes we just want to zone out like Lindsay Lohan”.

Download: "Lindsay Lohan" - Bobby Capri

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