Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Mixtape: "Of No Consequence" - dahLak

Here is a decent mixtape release from indie producer/artist  dahLak, who is a new comer to this blog. Once I hit play, I just let the shit bump and tried to give it a real chance (as I do with most new music that I come across). A couple tracks into the project, I found my self really listening to dahLak's flow and lyrics, and how he comes across as character with an interesting persona. I definitely encourage y'all to give it a real listen. 
“I’m living in a world with no consequences” the Sacramento emcee/producer describes the cultural landscape he’s found himself in. In rap, you can have far more drinks than hangovers.  You can f*ck with no strings attached and spend with no worries.  No health problems will ensue, the money grows on trees.  Fantasy is fun! Right?  
The problem is it’s not easy to leave; as dahLak articulates with his pre-album mixtape Of No Consequence.  It’s too fun, it sounds so good.  You can party to it, it’s sexy and seductive and it confirms what we all want to believe.   And for those good times, those great moments, those high-points, it has its purpose.  It obviously can’t last, but while it’s here, don’t think to hard about it.  After all, it is Of No Consequence."
A pre-album mixtape... "Of No Consequence" is available for free download. 
dahLak’s forthcoming "Spiritrials" LP will be released on 12-12-2012.


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