Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Video: "U Better Know Dat" - D-Boy Keon & Plies Glizzy

Here is a collaboration for the streets of Minnesota, going out to 34th and 37th street. Directed by HOODROACHTV, this music video features Minnesota Dope Boys member D-Boy Keon and Glizzy Gang member Plies Glizzy.

D-Boy Keon shares the meaning behind the track:
“It was a spirit of the moment track. Me and Plies Glizzy you can say we grew up together. We are from the same area. I'm from 34th-n-Minnesota and he is from 37th st. We’re 3 blocks away so it was a must we collaborate. This track here was deeper than rap. Our neighborhoods over the years had spurts a bad blood but certain people f*ck with certain people and we’re trying get this money, so we decided to come together and make history. Shout out to Plies Glizzy and the whole Glizzy Gang”
Connect with D-Boy Keon on Twitter @D_BoyKeon

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