Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Video: "Cheesesteaks" by Vinnie Paz

This morning Vinnie Paz dropped a new video from an upcoming solo album that I wasn't aware of, "The God of the Serengeti". This song is raw as hell, I really like it. But I'm unsure why it was given the title "Cheesesteaks". I'm not really surprised at all because a lot of the time Jedi Mind Tricks and Vinnie himself have weird, random titles for their songs. This one just seemed a bit more corny than usual. It has a sick beat and Vinnie destroys it with his lyrics. I think his Lloyd Christmas hairstyle looks jokes while he's chillin at the barbershop. Kinda looks like his bangs coulda been cut with a... boxcutter. BOXCUTTER PAZIE! Haha, this album should be released sometime this fall. It's gonna be hard to live up to the content from "Season of the Assassin". That album was nuts. But hopefully this one will be just as good, if not better. Anyways, check this shit out son!

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