Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Video: "Lando's Jam" - ¡MAYDAY!

Whattup readers? My name's K Brenton, writer @ Eternal Cadence, and from now on I'm going to be helping RTiculate by contributing some of my favourite music to this blog! I figured I'd start it off by sharing this video. ¡MAYDAY! recently joined independent mastermind, Tech N9ne, under his Strange Music label. Their first album under this label, "Take Me To Your Leader" was released last Monday. I was lucky enough to buy the only copy of this CD at the HMV in Kitchener, and after listening through it several times, It was definitely worth every dollar spent. This band puts out a unique sound, using mostly live instruments with gritty rock/jazz elements intertwined with hip-hop. Check out this video for one of my favourite songs off of the album, entitled "Lando's Jam".

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