Friday, March 9, 2012

New Video: "DMT with Joe Rogan" - Loe Pesci (Produced by MoonBoots)

Loe Pesci, of OG Hindu Kush ("In 3D" 2011) recently released the video for "DMT With Joe Rogan" the first single off his solo album "GOOD X 2" which was released on 2-16-2012.

On 2-17-2012 Loe Pesci held the #1 spot on's "Best Sellers Of Late" and even got a follow and Tweet from Joe Rogan about the video which has now surpassed 25k views in less then a week.

Loe Pesci's guests on “GOOD X 2” include The Narcicyst, fellow battler Justice McFly and Borden. Production is handled by Moon Boots, Joe Black and The Narcicyst. An artist himself, Loe went the extra mile and commissioned original artwork by a different artist for each track on the album (which you get when you download the whole album or click on each song on his bandcamp page here.)

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