Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Video: "Strength In Numbers" - Tricksta featuring LATE, Seanie T, Supar Novar, INJA, Double-E, Sonnyjim, Cons, Joe Gutta, Conman & Taurus

Producer and all around passionate ambassador for UK Hip-Hop, Tricksta is back with the second video off his highly anticipated forthcoming album 'Out Of Darkness Cometh Light' which is due for release on RGS Entertainment this year.

For this track, Tricksta delivers a moody head-nodding hip-hop production for ten of the UK's finest emcees to step out on. Featuring the likes of LATE, Seanie T, Supar Novar, Inja, Double E, Sonnyjim, Cons, Joe Gutta, Conman & Taurus, each rapper brings something different to the track really displaying the diversity of the UK game.

The music video features the talents of street artist Mr Tronix who does an amazing piece of graffiti with the tracks title. The video was produced and edited by Triple Fear Films, with the original concept coming from rapper LATE who actually features first on the track.

This shows the skills of Mr. Tronix as well as showing another element of the hip-hop culture over in the UK. 'Strength In Numbers' is a code that Tricksta strongly lives by and his forthcoming album features over forty rappers including Scorzayzee, MCD, Iron Braydz, Genesis Elijah, Logic, Dubbledge, Karl Hinds, Big Cakes, Ransom Badbones, Serocee, Big Dutty Deeze, Phoenix Da Icefire, Cyclonious, Wordsmiff, Big Ben, and many more.

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