Monday, January 23, 2012

New Video: SonReal Interview on the Come Up Show

This video combines one of my favourite hip hop blogs with one of my favourite hip hop artists who is currently on the come up. With that being said, it's no coincidence that over at The Come Up Show, real recognize real and Chedo took the time to reach Toronto to interview SonReal while he was visiting. Another great interview with a great artist.
There’s nothing more I love than doing interviews with artists who are constantly grinding, putting themselves out there, progressing and stand for something real. It’s easy for me and other interviewers to want to cover musicians who have blown up but I find it more meaningful when I’m interviewing an artist on their journey to success.

That’s why I’m excited to present our interview with Vancouver based Hip-Hop artist Sonreal. In the past couple of years he has released countless singles, freestyles, music videos and mixtapes like Where’s Waldo and The Lighyear which you can cop at Sonreal’s website. I caught up with Sonreal in Toronto and he talked to me about his progress, the honesty in his music and why we won’t be moving from Vancouver to Toronto any time soon. – Chedo

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