Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Video: "Kid With Raps" (Trailer) - Calez

Calez just put out this short video trailer for his upcoming 'Kid With Raps' album, which will be released on 2-6-2012 by Rubyhornet.com & 2dopeboyz.com. Get at Calez on Twitter @TheKidCalez
"I named my first album Kid With Raps with the purpose of not only telling you that I'm another kid that raps, but also telling you my story. I've been holding on to this dream since a very young age. I am now 19. I turn 20 on February 4th, and I used to think I would be "on" by this point in my life. That's not the case and I realize now that everything that takes time and patience. No matter how hard it may be, I will take my time and work as hard as possible to make my childhood dream come true.

In 3rd grade my teacher told me that I would have to have a "plan b" for a real career. I understand that everyone believes it's a must to have some sort of backup plan going into a field such as mine. Some see not having one as ballistic. While I get it, I personally don't care what people want me to do. People should want me to succeed, and by doing that, they should support me. I'm not crazy. I'm just passionate. The fire I had as a kid is still burning in me every time I create something, and I want everyone that listens to know that I appreciate them taking their time out to listen to the music from me or my 2008ighties team.

More projects to come. Thanks, God Bless." - Calez

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