Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Album: "Vibonics" EP - Vibonics

TORONTO – It’s tough to describe the Vibonics. To draw a finger on a singular descriptor for the six-member band, the index would run from hip hop to rock to r&b to funk, hint at soul, and take a peek over the blues, pop and reggae. Armed with an old school approach and a new school mentality, their goal is to unify rather than divide each of their unique influences into one awesome rockin’ sound. On their debut four-track self-titled 'Vibonics' EP, they aim to do just that, all while revealing their diverse musical and songwriting range.

EP is an acronym for Extended Play, odd considering they theoretically lapse 25 minutes or less. For the Vibonics, those words carry a distinctive meaning. As a band that prides itself on stage presence, the 'Vibonics' EP acts as an extension of their live show. The energy reciprocated with the crowd fuels the music, which in turn emanates a voracity reminiscent of their performance on stage.
The 'Vibonics' EP is available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp and iTunes, and Vibonics tour information is posted at Follow the Vibonics on Twitter.

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