Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Video: "Unconditional Love" - Logan P. McCoy (Directed by Selrom Denu)

Unconditional from Logan P. McCoy on Vimeo.

Here at the F.O.R.M. blog, we first got put on to Logan P. McCoy's music through our good friend Selorm Denu, author of the Who Needs A Genre blog. Well it just so happens that Selorm Denu directed this new video for Logan P. McCoy's single "Unconditional Love". Peep the quotable:
“A touching depiction of a very powerful Hip Hop song, “Unconditional” is riveting. This video by Selorm Denu visually highlights the essence of the song with it’s unique collage style look and feel. “Unconditional” is from Logan P. McCoy LP Reincarnation Of Cool. Download it on iTunes.”

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