Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Video: "Rich Kidd" (EPK) Directed By Mark Valino

If you have no idea who Rich Kidd is, not only do you not read this blog but you also have no idea about the Toronto hip hop movement that has been slowly taking over the world over the last few years. Toronto hip hop producer/emcee/director Rich Kidd is profiled in this electronic press kit directed by Mark Valino.

Ty Harper from sums it up best with this excerpt:
The game doesn’t stop; the stakes just keep getting bigger. Rich Kidd is a world class talent, whose home country embraces with open arms and the international audiences continue to learn about. His distinct productions anchor him as an undeniable musical force, while his refreshing lyrical ability and charismatic showmanship catapult him to new opportunities.

For more Rich Kidd:

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